Creating custom financial plans for you while building life long relationships.

Dream. Plan. Enjoy.

Welcome to The Inspired Network. Our goal as a wealth advisory is to help families and business owners have a better life by identifying their long-term goals and incorporating planning strategies focused on accumulation, distribution, and the preservation of wealth.

Tim Ayers and Team

How We Help You

Our Process and Approach was built with you in mind.
Simple and Straightforward.

Getting Started

  • The Inspired Network team will work with you to define both your long and short term financial goals.
  • Our time spent with you is 100% focused on you and your life.
  • Our goal is to create a life long relationship with both you and your family. We will work together to monitor your goals as they evolve throughout the course of your lifetime.

Evaluate & Plan

  • We will investigate and organize your current financial picture based on your current positions and the information you share with our team.
  • We want to work together to educate you on how your current plan will play out over the three phases of your financial life: wealth accumulation, wealth distribution and wealth conservation.
  • We develop your financial model and The Living Balance Sheet® website which tracks your overall financial plan 24 hours a day.

Planning Goals

  • Build your wealth and income potential over your lifetime above and beyond your current financial plan.
  • We want to minimize your current plans risk and income taxes now and into the future.
  • Build protection against any wealth eroding factors inherent in our society, such as death, disability, lawsuits, taxes, inflation, planned obsolescence and technological advancements.

Built for You

Our COMPANY and APPROACH was built for YOU.
We WIN when we help you have a BETTER LIFE.


  • We help our clients build moats around their castles.
  • As a company it is our intention to make sure that you have proper protection in place. Death, disability, lawsuits, taxes, and inflation are a few of the wealth eroding factors that we want to help you protect against.
  • Our primary goal is to first make sure that no person, place, or event can come in and steal your wealth before concentrating on growing and investing your money, which we understand receives most of the attention in today’s marketplace.


  • Financial harmony occurs when all of your asset classes are working together.
  • An effective financial plan must have exposure to a variety of asset classes to realize most clients financial goals.
  • As a company we believe that insurance and investments must work together as key components in order to create a balanced financial plan.


  • As consumers we have many financial choices to make everyday; this can ultimately lead to financial paralysis.
  • Our mission is to coordinate and integrate all of the ideas you share with us into one easy to understand financial model.
  • In placing your current financial picture onto one easy to understand model we will help you create a coordinated plan that can stand the test of time through all three phases of your financial life; wealth accumulation, wealth distribution and wealth conversation.

of Wealth:


Wealth Accumulation

This is the pre-retirement phase when people are using their income to save for current and future events, eg., retirement or college.

This period of your life lasts until the day you stop working.

We can help you safeguard against any unknowns that could hinder your ability to someday retire and build your wealth potential.

Wealth Distribution

This is the retirement phase.

Typically, this is when people want to stop working and start living off their nest egg.

Two major concerns during this phase of life are health and running out of money.

Working together and with proper planning our team can have you ready to enjoy your retirement!

Wealth Conservation

This is the legacy phase.

The major concerns for most people are taxes and how to efficiently and effectively pass on wealth to family, charity and future generations.

We would love the opportunity to help you design a plan that reduces taxes and distributes your wealth accordingly.


Living Confidently®

Living Confidently® empowers you to learn more about financial concepts, take ownership of your decision-making, and prepare for the future. We seek to be your go-to educational resource for the tools you need to achieve a state of financial and emotional well-being.

eMoney Advisor®

It’s not easy to keep track of your finances using statements, paperwork, and multiple websites. There is a simpler and more efficient way to see what you own. It’s called eMoney Advisor.

The Whole Story of Whole Life

Whole life is a versatile financial instrument devised for the protection of families and businesses, while helping to create and enhance wealth. To appreciate the great value of this type of life insurance protection, one needs to explore how it works, its uses, its benefits, and its flexibility.